Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Made It to 9 Months!!

This past weekend, Mike and I "made it" to our 9 month anniversary, which I must say, is slightly significant.  That is exactly the length of time we dated before we got engaged, not to mention the time it takes for baby's to come about (generally).  Which means we've been together for longer than most of the people on reality TV!!!  So I took an idea from a friend and wanted to post about Mikey-cheeks.  Here goes:

100 Things I love about Mike:
1.      I love the way laughs out loud
2.      He has cute facial hair
3.      He can strike up a conversation with anyone
4.      He has magnificent hands and feet (I have a fetish)
5.      He writes me songs and has a beautiful singing voice
6.      His natural musical talent on the guitar
7.      His ability to see the big picture and keep me on track
8.      He loves to learn and gets excited to tell me about “tickling cells” in the cancer research lab or the “polarity of soap” when we’re in the shower
9.      His deep voice
10.  He tucks me into bed when I fall asleep on the couch
11.  He can reach the top shelves
12.  He’s a sporty guy!  I love watching him play football
13.  He tickles and teases me
14.  He always touches me sweetly, holds my hand and plays with my hair
15.  Everything he owns has a neat little place (his chapstick pocket, his wallet, his one zebra pen in his scripture bag) and I know where every item is at all times
16.  He is so happy all the time
17.  He helps me finish my meals
18.  He loves talking to me
19.  I love talking to him
20.  He supports all of my wildest dreams
21.  He knows how our car works
22.  He’s responsible
23.  On school days, he eats a banana and Corn Flakes for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and applesauce for lunch, and whatever I make for dinner
24.  We LOVE cooking things together
25.  He’s my best friend
26.  He is dedicated enough to study his guts out for Ochem, lay in the snow to tie a tow rope to our car, and walk in the pouring rain to Smith’s for groceries
27.  He is a great judge of character
28.  Those who know him, love him
29.  He’s won over my family and had the privilege of driving grandpa’s ‘vet
30.  His calves look like baseballs
31.  He made me paper flowers for Valentines Day!
32.  He gives sweet kisses
33.  He knows all the words to some cleaner rap songs and it drives me CRAZY when he spouts them out (in a good way)
34.  All the kids love him including all his nieces and nephews and my cousins
35.  He works hard at everything from bailing hay to the Weed and Pest to his studies
36.  He’s a country boy at heart, but he has city in him
37.  He was the employee of the month!!!!
38.  He drove me to my 7:00 am class all semester
39.  He offers to have me come along to the gym when I’m feeling chunky
40.  His likes to talk strategy with Trev for “Robo-defense” on his phone
41.  He loves leather-bound books
42.  He’s working so hard to get into medical school
43.  He always opens the car door for me
44.  He likes to wake board
45.  He is a MAN!
46.  Everyone from his mission tells me “Elder Sanderson was such a great missionary”
47.  He can down enormous amounts of nachos when he’s with friends
48.  He’s used his advanced salesman techniques to get me to actually like the baby name “Gideon”
49.  He is a leader
50.  He likes to snuggle and nuzzle
51.  He respects his parents
52.  He still plays cards with me even when I pull into a 40 point lead in Pounce, haha
53.  He leans down to kiss me
54.  He likes to have me drive his car, which, lets be honest, with my track record is not an easy thing to do
55.  He MC’d his mission reunion for the past couple years and we’ve stayed to make sure his mission president’s wife made it home safe
56.  He genuinely cares about people
57.  He’s an excellent conversational partner
58.  Even though he doesn’t like cats, he’ll let me get one anyways once we have our husky
59.  He makes me laugh!
60.  We have adventures together
61.  He believe s in vegatables
62.  Crabs weird him out
63.  He answers texts like lightning
64.  He doesn’t like to Latin dance, but he still took a class with me!
65.  He sits in the front row of all of his classes
66.  He hates mole hairs
67.  He smells great!
68.  He brushes the hair from my face and plays with my hair
69.  He honors his priesthood
70.  His dimples
71.  He’s the most loyal friend
72.  I love his sweat pants and lounge clothes
73.  He’s an inspiring teacher that makes things easy to understand
74.  He is funny when we argue with a british accent
75.  He can “read people” like nobody’s business
76.  He never wants to settle
77.  He throws himself into new challenges
78.  He has sweet dance moves
79.  He’s very brave
80.  He love’s the gospel and is devoted in his scripture study
81.  He is the spiritual foundation of our home
82.  He likes to look nice
83.  He is a fan of some classic music (including 80’s rock)
84.  He calls our car “the White Night”
85.  He loves mashed potatoes
86.  He wants to stay close to family
87.  He has a heart of gold
88.  He has a great taste in ties
89.  He doesn’t mind shopping as long as it doesn’t take forever
90.  He and I watch lots of epic drama movies together, like Cinderella Man or Inception
91.  He’s very practical
92.  He hardly ever smells like a man
93.  He bought us a recliner chair that I snuggle up in each night
94.  He says he’s peanut butter and I’m jelly, and we’re so happy on our little piece of bread :D
95.  He has the most energy out of most of the people I know over the age of 12
96.  He has great poses in photos
97.  He’s very easygoing
98.  He knows where he’s going
99.  HOTTIE!!!!!
100.                      He’s all mine, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!!!!

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  1. This made me miss the two of you SOOOO much! There are more than a hundred great things to say about each of you-I would say in the million range. I want to grow up to be like both of you-I want to have cute facial hair and not smell like a man too:) I love you both!!!