Monday, April 11, 2011

Vidoes, Comedy, and Quirks

Sorry for posting all at once, but it's a "shool" night (as the cartoon character Mega Mind would say it) and I just wanted to put down some videos we've liked lately instead of studying.

First, I must preface this with the thought that this is not generally our lifestyle.  Generally, Mike wakes me up after we've pressed the Snooze button on our three alarm clocks a few times, and we stumble into the living room for scripture study. I always end up trying to get dressed and do my hair about five minutes before class, which, needless to say, means I generally look bewildered and windblown for half the day while Mike looks dashing in his Khaki's for work.  After work and classes, we eat dinner together and either hang out with others or find things like decorating, watching movies or cooking to fill our time before we hit the books until I pass out on the couch and beg Mike to "Just let me sleep here! Leave me, I wanna sleep!"
I actually think I have an incurable disease called "insta-somnia-anywhere-in-the-house", which, being interpreted, means I LITERALLY can fall asleep anywhere and still respond to you as if I'm awake.

This proves useful when we're at a party and I fall asleep during a movie (happens every time) and I'm still able to laugh at appropriate parts or interject funny comments, but I SWEAR it does not come in handy when I fall asleep on a couch in the Women's room on campus. 

Mike, my rock, will never break routine sparing some incredible natural disaster.  He is clockwork in his bedtime duties.. Turn lights out.  Lock door. Brush teeth.  Floss.  Set alarm #1.  Set alarm #2.  (I set alarm #3).  Straighten Bed.  Adjust in bed.  Snuggle.

Any-who.  I'm not sure if you like Jimmy Kimmel, but I must say I enjoy some of the things on his Show.  He's much funnier than Conan or Larry King (not that he's trying to be funny), and straighter than Ellen (although Ellen is stinkin comedic). 

So Jillian Smith is an up-and-coming comedian who Mike and I applaud for being so clean.  He's the perfect dose of random can give you a lift any day.

So, I know this sounds terrible, but Jillian Smith also does this impression he calls "Jeffery" that reminds me so much of something Mike used to do.  Once in a while when we were dating, Mike would drop his shoulders, pull his glasses down on his nose, and pretend to be a handicap boy who would call me "Ashwee" and ask me to hold his hand or be his girlfriend.  I would treat him like I would someone who actually was handicapped, and would lovingly say "sorry Mikey, I can't be your girlfriend.  But I'll be your best friend."  Or something like that.  Once, when we were in Estas, he did Mikey and asked me to kiss him and I told him to stop it, mostly because I wouldn't kiss him when he was acting like that.  He pretended to throw a fit and people were staring at us like I was this terrible person who was mistreating someone with a disability.  Terrible!  But things worked out in the end.  Ah love, you mysterious fiend.

And with that little taste of our QUIRKS, here's some of our favorite musicians, Flight of the Conchords,  not only because they're funny, but because of how they can play.....and the faces they make.

 Happy Monday!

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