Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Stay-Cation

Something grander than the Royal Wedding (in my book) made headlines this past week…Mike’s sister Ruth had her baby boy !!!!  About two weeks ago, Ruth was life-flighted out to the University of Utah Hospital when her water broke and she was to give birth at 32 weeks (about 6 weeks premature).  We had planned on getting to spend Easter with them in Rock Springs, but with this little surprise, we ended up staying with Mike’s family out in SLC where we got to shop, go to the AMAZING Tucano’s Brazillian Grill, and of course play games in the hospital with the Casey’s.  Anyways baby Broden Steve Casey was born this past week and he’s been doing just great, breathing on his own, and he’s got the sucking thing down! (I’m told this is significant).

So we replaced our vacation with a stay-cation, equally as exciting.  On Sunday we attended my aunt and grandparent’s ward in Kaysville and came back to their house for an Easter feast!  The Easter Bunny knew we would be at their house, my four-year-old cousin Mary informed me, "because he knows everything."  She told me he was “thissss small” (pinching her fingers together and squinting) and that he had pink skin, not fur.  You learn something new every day.  It was so nice to be with family over the holiday, and we can’t wait for more cool stuff with them this weekend!

Oh!  In other news, it pains me to announce that the BYU 169th ward is no longer, which is the European version of saying our ward is no more (much like how they spell ‘theatre’ and ‘colour’ wrong).  BYU is trying to consolidate five married student stakes into three, which means we get the experience of getting to start over in a new ward.  Blessing?  Possibly.  Curse?  Likely.  (just kidding....but seriously).  We hope we can stay friends with all of the excellent people not in Harmony Square as they move to Africa or across campus, and that we can make new friends just as easily, or buy their friendship with doughnuts. 

More to come on AWESOME Women’s Conference week, and my Grandpa’s 70th Birthday party tomorrow! 

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