Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Chilly Morning

Oh Provo...All this freezing weather makes me doodle and write poetry.  I actually love to write and believe it or not have a notebook full of doodles, song lyrics, and poetry.  I love seeing my younger siblings do the same; I really believe in creativity and developing your sense of self expression, and I've always kind of hoped to make something of my work as well.  Here's a more recent poem of mine...don't laugh!

The Fog:
A stone’s throw out on a distant shore
there lives a woman in the wake.
She beacons sinners through the fog
and quietly lurking, listening, waits.

Upon a hill, a lighthouse still
sits quietly; a salvation's’ light
bequeaths the sinners through the fog
to warm themselves and spend the night.

Yet though they see the light afar
the murky sea is tossed about,
and through the god-forsaken fog
their eyes alight, and they swim out.

Sweet whisperings upon the hail
and fog scented with enticing breath
makes many men wonder, weep, accept
and clasps them in an icy death. 

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  1. No laughing here! I loved it! Your food post was great too! I love the last pic of Mike :) TOO funny:) Made me laugh! I will try the recipes...thanks!