Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Thankful For...

      In our commercial America where Thanksgiving seems nothing more than a speed-bump along the road to Christmas, it seems that giving thanks is a dying art.  As I begin my holiday shopping, I know I get "the Gimmees" thinking about all the things that I could have or I should have; things that everyone else has but me.  Too often I forget that while I may have less than some, I have much more than most, and what you have is not nearly as important as what you make of it.  Too often I forget to be thankful for my blessings that aren't "material".

     With no family in town, Mike and I spent our Thanksgiving among ancient trees, mosses, and ocean-carved rocky coves in the Olympic National Park.  We camped in a primitive campground; meaning no running water or electricity, and as it was Thanksgiving day, no other people.  Being surrounded by that things we didn't have really put into perspective how many things we do.

We took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston.  It was our first ferry ride!
Mother Nature at work.  I call this "fetus tree".  
Our first hike was to Merymere Falls
Here's Merymere falls… It looked like a bottle
This is where the fairies live
The forest floor was covered in moss which dampened all sound and made us feel really secluded.  
Apparently, this tree ate another tree.  This forest was like sibling rivalry to the extreme

We then hiked to Sol Duc falls…which was incredible! 

Here's Mike and our car-tent at our campsite 
The breakfast of champions

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the pie from our feast which also consisted of instant stuffing and gravy, cold turkey and roll sandwiches, and green bean casserole over the fire. 
The second day we went to the pacific coast of Ruby Beach.  The ground was covered with these perfectly round, weather-worn rocks and beautiful pieces of driftwood 
Panorama of the coast

We hiked the coast for quite a while.  It was so gorgeous and peaceful even with the overcast and the fog
We followed the sign for "Large Cedar Tree"
These are Dr. Seuss trees in the Hoh Rainforest's "Hall of Mosses".  Everything was covered in a layer of moss.  I loved all the decay and regrowth! 
We were happy in the end to come back to civilization! 
I'm grateful:

  • That places of solitude and untouched beauty still exist on this earth.  
  • For a car to act as our tent and shelter us from imaginary bears and real campsite raccoons
  • For Moist Towlettes
  • That we have indoor plumbing, heat and other utilities, and a stove to cook on at home.  It takes SO LONG to boil water in the wilderness!
  • For fire.  It was a little rainy in the forest and we had difficulty keeping a fire stoked.  I totally felt like Cast Away the second night when we actually got a fire raging for a bit
  • For the natural elements that shape things like the rocks and the land
  • For peace, love, perspective, and happiness that come from reflection and solitude
  • That I have such a wonderful, amazing husband to share in life's wonderful adventures!  

Happy Holidays!
Give Thanks and Be Merry!

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  1. Wow! This looks like the perfect Thanksgiving! So beautiful! The pictures are goooorgeous! Also, you two are the cutest. I miss you guys. Last thing, is your hair blonde now?! How did I miss this? Or is it just the light on that last picture?