Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shell We Camp?

One of our favorite things to do is to go camping.  
Here are some summer photos from above Shell Canyon, WY. (Sanderson style)
Mike teaching the nephews things every boy ought to know, I'm sure 

The proud new camper owners.  What a spacious abode
Mike's still unsure of babies. In general. 
Here's my niece! Little Zaili (sorry Tami for the spelling) Young.  She makes the best faces
Little brodi-bot! (Broden) lookin fly with his daddy and his sunglasses
Mike and I decided to go all celestial in our matching outfits I guess

The water here was probably around 40 degrees!!! 
My perfect butt print.  So proud

Ruth coordinated some awesome games, songs, and skits to do one of the evenings there.  It was so fun!
Here's more nieces and nephews playing the skittles game (Christian, Shiloh, *friend*, Alec, Karsten, Saige)
The best part about being married is getting adopted into a whole other family, and getting to know and love each of them like the ones you've grown up with.  I love my newly enlarged family, including all my sibling-in-laws and all of their great kids.  I'm really grateful that they've returned the favor by accepting me as their family and loving me as one of the bunch.  We're very blessed to be in the Sanderson clan!

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