Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting the Heck Outta Dodge!

About this time one month ago, we were sucking our thumbs in good ole P-town U.S.A.  It's crazy to think that one insane cleaning check (in which we mopped the walls and had our heads in the oven for a couple of hours soaking in fumes), a presentation, vacation, and some vigorous packing later and we were out of Provo for good.  But we'll always remember our first little apartment as a married couple, the friends we've made, and the lessons we've learned.

As I feel like I have an old soul adequate for the task of reminiscing, I love to ponder the things that we learned and the things we will miss about provo.

BYU/Provo taught us that:

-it's ok to wear sandals with socks, neon pants, and nerdy glasses
-the 2nd floor WILK had the best women's bathroom to nap in between classes
-classes before 8am require no showers and a ride from Mike
-Pinterest is required classroom material for a boring lecture
-Walmart and Smiths have nothing on Winco
-professors don't know as much as you thought they did, they've 
just been doing the same things as you for 10 years longer
-"The Moses Effect" is a true principle (If you power walk through a congested walkway on campus, people get out of your way)
-the art department is pretty much as liberal as boulder county
-the BYU Bookstore is crooked! and will rip you off for text book sales every time
-most thrifty, crafty, blogging woman is an actual title that women in the wards compete for
-the only way to study for finals is to hole up in the "Super Secret Study Lab" 
(aka, hydrogeology room) with friends and alternate who buys the sustenance 

We will miss:

-making music with the Leavitts and visiting their parent's house
-mini golf, games, late night food runs with the Killens and McQuays
-hanging out with the Blumels/Sloats 
-Mike's games of intramural football and our games of wallyball
-the Avocottage open mic nights with Ben & his friends
-outdoor movies on the lawn of Harmony Square
-Our dancesport competition together
-rock climbing at 'the Quarry'
-late night J-Dawgs, Rancherito, Smiths, and Krispy Kreme runs 
-being so close to my extended family and game nights/dinner with my aunts and grandparents
-Halloweens, Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Vacations spent with those we love
-game nights with all the cousins at BYU
-attending mission reunions together
-hanging with our roommates at the Belly and Continental, ward parties, my calling as "ward Yenta" and Mike & my general dating experience (from the duck pond to tumbling gym)
-our first ward at Harmony Square apartments and our callings as "ward missionaries" and "group four leaders"
-studying side by side until midnight in an open building or classroom on campus
-taking dance, religion, and english classes together so we can alternate who takes notes and who naps, and compare test scores 
-the friends we made in classes and the quirky professors we had


  1. Things I will miss. You. Mike. You and Mike. Your face. Mike's face. You two making me laugh. Everything about you two. Please blog about all your new adventures so I don't miss you too much!!! You're the best :)

  2. We love you guys! We've missed you. We're really sad we didn't take more opportunities in the last year to hang out with you... though we contemplated it many more times than we actually called you. Keep blogging- we love to hear what you're up to-and keep in touch. You are some of our favorite people. We are honored to have made "the list." Jess:)