Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just a Thought on Love

Last semester I was in a *choice* Marriage and Family class taught by Bro. Livingstone.  He taught us to honestly evaluate our own relationships and the part we play in them, and had us do a number of assignments to help us in this exploration.  Looking through my files, I found this short 350-ish word assignment I did and, it being close to Love Day, thought I'd post it:
  "I was just like any other little girl.  I played 'Harry Potter' and 'Runnaways' with my older sister and dreamed of marrying a handsome prince who would take me on adventures throughout the world.  I'd seen my parents do it right; a temple marriage and sappy kisses every morning (eww gross!), which only strengthened the desire to give every boy I knew cooties, and to later jot down notes on my idea of the perfect man.        
      After an extended period of nappy hair, button-up polos and no athletic ability, I ended up in the post-geek phase of my life, where suddenly the knowledge of makeup and straitening my hair changed everything.  Being a shameless flirt came easily to me, and I can't say that I didn't love the attention I got for it.  I would play games, stringing out affection from a handful of fellas until getting bored, I moved on.  Ignoring the idea that my childish notions were the common factor in the premature death of all my relationships, by the time I reached college age I had sworn off all men for at least a season. 
        Then along came the perfect match.  As stubborn as I am flirtatious, he wouldn't let me go.  He made life surprising and meaningful every day by dancing on the rooftop with me, finding my lost dog, and taking me on wild adventures.  Despite all of this, his stability and maturity became the main attraction for me.  My goals became grounded when I was with him, and we achieved them together.  He never said a word he didn't mean, and never glanced away from a temple marriage.  With true love, devotion, and complete respect, he subtly chipped away at all of my ideals until I was left with something solid and enduring.  Today, we have been married for one year and one month, and I thank the Lord every day that he uses true love and those closest to us to work the mightiest change in our lives."