Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Successes, a Cake, and a Flop

I've been working on these two pieces for a while, and I think they may be done!
I did this watercolor using the huge storm outside as kind of my inspiration.  I applied the paint with a dropper and used string, cups, and books placed in the wet paint to shape the droplets and make it interesting.
Here's an experiment in negative space organic shapes and paper materials
    Did I mention that over the family Reunion Mike and I celebrated our one year anniversary?  Congrats to us; for on this auspicious occasion, we once again got to partake of our fun-fetti and raspberry wedding cake.  I've had dreams about this moment!  For the past year, every time I've called my mom this cake has been mentioned in an attempt to get her to bring it out (alas, she wouldn't budge because of tradition. I will never make my children suffer thus.)
Imagine my disappointment when my favorite part, the fondant, was freezer-burned beyond repair.  I don't think I will ever recover. (These are all happy "before" photos, by the way)

     So, today marked the beginning of the end of my summer classes; kick-started by "creativity day" in my History class.  Students showcased everything from homemade quilts and pizzas (which somehow applied to the Renaissance) to movies, magazines, sonnets, sculpture, inventions, etc.  My favorite was a facebook profile created for Henry VIII, documenting his many relationship status updates and wall posts. It was hilarious!  The worst was a shoebox full of dirt and army guys featuring "trench warfare of WWII."
     My project fell somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.  I really want to go back in and further edit the hair and face...but for now, this is how it looks.  This is my first attempt at oil painting that incorporates elements from the High Renaissance, Romantic, Classical, Rococo, and Impressionist genres.  Although Mike LOVES this, I think it's absolute crap, and I'm so dissatisfied.  I will try again when I decide to get over my harsh feelings towards this medium.
    Just a hint: this is supposed to vaguely resemble someone who, er, is me.  It's supposed to be a self-portrait and I'm so embarrassed with the way it turned out. Creative idea, but a failure in execution. I guess that's a reflection of the creative eras of history, in a way.  Something about how without so many failures, we would have never had the light-bulb, Picasso's art, the airplane, or Facebook. I'd like to think that this failure is the beginning of a progressive future.

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  1. I agree with Mike. Your oil painting is very classy. What a talent! As unartistic as I am, I am , however, duly impressed! Nice job!