Thursday, March 31, 2011

Past Events

Some amazing things have happened to us in the past couple weeks, or baggillion years as my family would exaggerate it to be.  Ok so my teeth are fixed, Mike is learning all the ins and outs of how to apply for medical schools, and he got the shift supervisor position he applied for at work!  I had my BYU orchestra concert, where we played everything from Pomp and Circumstance to Moldau to Dance Bacchanale (from Sampson and Delilah) which, if I say so myself, was pretty awesome.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been playing the violin for roughly ten years, so I’m kind of a big deal.  No, just kidding….but seriously.  No, it was fun though to be a part of such an amazing group of students who were all top notch back in their home high-schools.  Mike (who knows enough about music to think that when my bow is moving out of sync with the other performers it means that I’m working way harder than them) took me out to DQ afterwards as per my request to carry out the longstanding tradition of spoiling my family has upheld. 

We’ve also had a lot of free time to watch movies and hang out with our friends lately.  A few months ago (can it be so long?) we had some people over to decorate T-shirts, which was absolutely a blast!  We bought paint supplies at Hobby Lobby and prepared for a night of Youtube videos, homemade funnel cake, and general splendor.  I’m not going to say I love the people here in our ward, but I really love the people in our ward, and when they move away, we may just have to follow them in a creepy way. 
Here are some photos from this past school year so far:

Our Halloween Extravaganza and Haunted House (we really did go to a student-run $1 haunted house, although our apartment was pretty spooky too)

Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox
Mike and I as Clark Kent and Louis Lane (undercover superheroes)
Our good friends, the McQuays as Mario and Peach
More friends, the Pattersons as Peter Pan and Wendy
Trevor Blumel and Date as Rock Stars (I think Trev was Lady GaGa?)
The Hilarious Leavitts as a vampire and Red Riding Hood (with snacks!)
Then Christmas time snuck up on us.  I loved gettting to spend the holidays up at Mike's parent's house partly because Jane is such an AMAZING cook.  I gained a full two pounds over the holidays, and you can chart that!  Mike and I also got to be in charge of the family nativity this year, which was fun for all the nieces and nephews.  Overall, it was the best first-married-Christmas ever!
Before presents, Mike shows his guns in his old bedroom
Christmas morning

Santa got a little creative with my stocking this year because Mike and I didn't have time to buy our own real stockings.

Mike's stocking stuff was just laid out on the table

Mike bought me a Sonicare toothbrush!  Perfect after the whole bad teeth incident.  Ever since Christmas each morning he asks me "How do your teeth feel?  Do you like your new toothbrush?"  I think he covets it a little and maybe uses it when I'm not looking...

Leather-bound "the Messiah Series"

We got to drive out to Colorado after Christmas to visit my family and go snowshoeing with them, which was super fun.

Here's some pics of our T-shirt painting party

So all of my visiting teachers, teaching companions, one of the couples my husband home teaches, and a few more of our close friends are or have been pregnant recently, which is a plus!  Most of our other friends are getting engaged, heading on missions, or traveling out of the country for other reasons.  It’s fun to see such growth periods in the lives of those around us, and exciting to know that while we’ll all end up in different places, we can all share in experiences while we’re here at BYU. We’ve had some one-of–a-kind experiences from seeing the festival of colors, to scavenger hunt dates, to concerts, football and basketball games, and family game nights.  This past Saturday, we invited our friends, the Killins, to come donught dumpster diving with us.  

Around 10:00pm, we staked out the local Krispy Kreme with one thing on the brain…donughts.  When the coast was clear, we popped up into the trash and began our search.  Usually, they take the extra boxes of day-old donughts, place them gently in a trash bag, and stick them in the dumpster, but after having no luck finding these treasures, we were spotted!  Enrique (code name) the ‘Kreme employee found spotted us among our futile attempts to duck and weave ourselves into the camoflauge of donught crap and began laughing.  As we helped him heave his fresh load into the dumpster, we made friends and he generously offered us a bag of perhaps 100 untouched, slightly stale donughts, and we accepted.  To this day, we have a couple bowls of doughnuts left….Mission accomplished. 

In other news, my little brother was ordained an Aaronic priest, and my younger sister Paige recently lettered in Cheerleading back at Skyline.  So proud of them both!!!  They are really doing some amazing things while I’m in my dance classes learning about how to form my body into cooked and uncooked spaghetti noodles and performing to Haiku’s.  I really do love my modern dance class, though, and will be sad when it’s all over.

It's been fun!

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  1. WOW!! This was quite the post...I loved it!! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. Steve and I got a kick out of the donughts!!