Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Improvement Projects

Good morning!

So I haven't posted in a while not out of suspense but because we are currently stealing, er, securing internet through questionable means, from our complex.  After twenty minutes of methodically pacing the living room in a three foot radius (the length of my extension cord), laying on the floor, and crouching next to the back wall of our bedroom, I finally got service in the one place I didn't think to check-- sitting in the comfy armchair.  I don't know why this surprises me.  After all, our internet is reliable 15% of the time.  I think I'd rather replace the Internet with a dog who can spout off recipes and directions in my hour of need.  At least I know he'd be dependable. 

So after a small fiasco Mike and I were going to do some laundry and shower when the most amazing thing happened!  We heard our next door neighbors shower turn on!  I may have commented to Mike earlier this week on whether or not our neighbors actually 'live' in their apartment or if they go somewhere else each morning to shower.  While we can hear our upstairs friends running around all day and night (I visualize them playing an ongoing game of two-person-tag, which is fun especially on long car rides with children) this morning was the first time I think I've actually heard the folks next to us make any noise.  Whether this is because they, in fact, do not occupy that room or because Mike and I drown them out with our smoothie making, bookshelf assembling, stereo listening habits, I may never know.

So as per our past week, Mike and I have been busy with studying and work but he still somehow managed to get our one big "Gimme" item besides a red kitchen aid-- THE IKEA BOOKSHELVES.  This was no small affair.  After four long weeks of calling Ikea every-other morning desperately waiting on their new shipment (of course disguising our voices so personnel wouldn't get wise to us), they finally got the bookshelves in on Wednesday and had ten left by the time Mike teleported over so he could surprise me by the time I got off work. 
Some guitar time on the couch before the shelves

Problem:  Too much junk waiting to be stored by shelves
Mike excited to finish this project.  He should be on the cover of a cereal box.  Just sayin.
Shelf Assembly
My favorite part of this project was watching Mike work.  At times he'd ask me to read the instructions to him, which would seem a legitimate request unless you've ever bought an Ikea project before.  It was made a bit more difficult considering the instructions consisted of pictures of a smiling stick figure holding what I can only assume from the context to be a hammer.  I wish they would print the directions in English, not Dutch pictography.
The encrypted directions were fun partly because I got to make up my own instructions using official construction jargon (such as "shove the little stick in that hole there") and partly because Mike got me to do anything 'the instructions said.'  After a few minutes of trying to beat the pieces into submission and scoot along the length of the shelves on my rear, which, Mike assured me, would somehow help the process, Mike discovered how useful a tool the hammer can be.  I think verbatim he said, "The hammer is an amazing invention!"
Anyways now that it's all said and done, we're really happy with the ambiance they add to our first place!  They look awesome and make our little apartment a "PAD".  Cool.  "We have a pad now!!!"  This is one of the first major steps we've taken to being all growed up.  Now all we need is a talking internet-puppy. 

Finished product


  1. I love the shelves!! Your appartment is SOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE IT! I can't wait to visit. Super cute blog Ashley... very unique and totally you! I am proud of your grown-up selves!

  2. Ashley, you make me laugh. Love your pad!